The Moonshine Van


The Moonshine Van – sold!

We hate to see her go but we will love to watch her drive away! The Moonshine Van is now on sale. We are excited to begin our next project, and we hope to find her a wonderful new home. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or offers. We look forward to working with you 🙂

The ultimate get away vehicle! Travel in luxury and style to your hearts desire! This baby holds the key to adventure, privacy, safety, sustainability, good vibes, and so much more! She carries all the toys you need to float a grand river, bike through a desert, and ride snowy peaks. She provides shelter from the wind and rain, shade from the sun, and warmth from the icy winter nights. Fostering a wholesome home environment, and built with sustainable material, this baby is ready to bring on the road for your next, and many, adventures.

2015 High Top Mercedes Sprinter 2500 RWD 4cyl
144″ wheel base
Currently approaching 98k miles

The kitchen is set up with plenty of counter space thanks to slide outs and the top of the line Lagune table leg. Dine in luxury with running water, propane stove and oven, and a 62 quart fridge/freezer combo that allow you to set either side to any temperature you desire. The faucet can go out the kitchen window to allow you to shower off after a sweaty day playing in the mountains. The passenger seat swivels around to open the space up for visitors, and blackout curtains insure that light stays inside at night for a private, stealthy evening parked anywhere.

Joyful Vans presents the Moonshine Van! The custom glass mosaic is inspired by Peter Rowan’s “Midnight Moonlight” and a part tribute to the beloved and fallen Jeff Austin with a “Half Moon Rising.” The phases of the moon along the cubbies depict the natural phases we all go through, and our path to fight through our moons to let it shine. Mosaic is made of glass and natural Colorado gems. Mountain is inspired by Mount Sopris.

The curtains double as insulation, filled with Thinsulate (it’s what is in your Patagonia puffy jacket) so that the heat stays in when you want it and out when you don’t. The ceiling, walls, doors, and floor are insulated with a combination of Thinsulate, EZ cool, and foam. The Maxx Aire fan and Tern Overland window allow airflow in and out to keep things cool in the heat. If it is cold outside, the diesel heater control panel is within reach of the bed, and in no time will have you toasty warm. The heater is located under the passenger seat, and draws fuel from the main tank under the van. If you like, you can set the time to turn the heater on at set times, or you can set it to a temperature to maintain day and night.

If you need a bathroom, there is a compost toilet sealed below the cushions. Pull off the top cushion to find the toilet with compost bucket (#2) and urine diverter (#1) below. There is a small drawer below to store sawdust, toilet paper, compost bags, wet wipes, etc.

Joyful Vans - The Moonshine Van-49

In the back, the bed frame is adjustable using L track at each corner from about 33 inches high to about 55 inches high. The space below can hold multiple bikes with the front wheels removed, and has one bike mount installed. The the drivers side you’ll find long storage spaces, good for skis, poles, outdoor carpets, chairs, milk crates, or so much more. To the right you’ll find your power with more shelves above and two 12V outlets easily accessible from the back.

Joyful Vans - The Moonshine Van-24

The ladder is telescoping and is stored in the back of the van. It can easily come out to give you access to your solar or roof rack.

The fridge/freezer is on slides so you can move it under the drawers for more floor space (you can fit a full yoga mat!) The stove/oven is also on slides to access the propane line behind and for more storage.

A little about power…

Power is easy to manage with a monitor in the front. Charge via solar during the day, while you drive, or plug into shore power if needed. On the passenger side just under the bed you’ll find an electronics cubby, complete with 4 DC plugs with USB adaptors. Between the kitchen counter and the bed you’ll find two AC plugs, and back in the garage you’ll find 2 more DC plugs and access to AC charging through the inverter. The power system is in the garage under the bed on the passenger side.

The main lights are all on dimmer, 1 under the bulkhead, 1 in the kitchen, 3 in the front, 2 in the back. There are also LED color changing strips running front to back, and another light for the garage in the back.

Let’s Get Specific…

Here are some of the specific items built into the Moonshine Van:


  • Full length track installed on roof
  • Rhino Rack roof rack cross bars
  • Door stop to keep door at half way when needed
  • Tern Overland window
  • Step/trailer hitch with tow wiring
  • 7 gal gray water tank custom welded under the van
  • 5 gal propane tank installed under van


  • Whynter 62 quart dual zone fridge/freezer
  • Camp chef two burn stove and oven (propane)
  • Stainless steel underground sink with removable waste basket strainer and sponge holder
  • Electric pump draws water from 6 gl fresh water tank (under sink) and empties into 7 gal gray water tank (stored under van with custom welded rack)
    • Replacement 6 Gal fresh water tank, for longer travel
  • 10 inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar
  • String epoxy finish on live edge Red Cedar counters and tables
  • Kitchen faucet can double as shower out the kitchen window
  • Soap dispenser
  • Paper towel holder in cabinet
  • Lagune table leg


  • 300 Watt solar panel on roof
  • Power max 60A Power Converter (shore power)
  • Victron Orion TR smart DC to DC charger
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 battery charger
  • 100Ah Battleborn Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery (with space to add another if desired)
  • 1000W 12V Pure Sine Renogy Inverter
  • 4 12V plugs in front with USB additives
  • 2 12V plugs in back
  • 2 AC plugs in kitchen


  • Eberspacher Diesel Heater Airtronic D2 with…
    • High Altitude kit
    • Control timer
    • Temperature sensor
  • Maxx Air MaxxFan Deluxe with Remote


  • RV Queen 5inch Memory Foam Mattress with 5 year warranty, 60in X 72in
  • Fully adjustable bed platform with all 4 corners on L track


  • 3 Cubbies over bed with storage baskets
  • 2 Cabinets over kitchen
  • 1 Bookshelf over kitchen
  • Top fill cubbies behind kitchen counter
  • Cabinets under kitchen counter and space behind oven/stove
  • 5 Drawers in front galley (2 big, 2 small, 1 smaller)
  • Trash/recycling drawer
  • Hooks behind drivers seat and on back doors
  • Shoe storage under bench
  • Long storage spaces in garage
  • Garage space for multiple bikes (1 mount)
  • Custom bulkhead shelf
  • Hidden storage compartments
  • Electronics cubby (below bed) and hub (above bed)


  • Chalkboards in sliding door and on bench
  • Passenger swivel seat
  • Blue Stain/Pine Beetle Kill tongue and groove ceiling
  • Reclaimed/refurbished wood
  • Blackout Thinsulate curtains
  • Compost toilet
  • Kilmat sound sound deadening/noise dampening

No problems. Brand new wipers. Small rock hit on windshield, less than a quarter size, has been professionally filled. Brakes, rotors, oil change, fluids, and recalls all taken care of in the last couple months. This baby is ready to ride!!!

SOLD. Please email with serious inquiries for future builds. Currently in Colorado.